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The Light Between Oceans Wins Prix des Lecteurs

Conville & Walsh are delighted to announce that ML Stedman‘s phenomenal debut The Light Between Oceans has won the Livre de Poche…

Kirsty Gunn talk on Katherine Mansfield at the London Review Bookshop this evening

Conville & Walsh are thrilled that Kirsty Gunn will be at the London Review Bookshop this evening to discuss her new book,

Things We Have In Common: Not The Booker Prize Review

Conville & Walsh are delighted to announce that Tasha Kavanagh‘s brilliant debut Things We Have in Common is making great strides in its…

Alecos Papadatos and Abraham Kawa in conversation with Tom Holland at Gosh! Comics

Conville & Walsh are excited to announce that LOGICOMIX authors Alecos Papadatos and Abraham Kawa will be discussing their extraordinary new graphic novel…

Life on the Edge Shortlisted for 2015 Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books

Many congratulations indeed to Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe McFadden for making the shortlist of the prestigious Royal Society Winton Prize for the…

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Bloomsbury Book Club with Stephen Kelman

Conville & Walsh are thrilled to announce that Stephen Kelman will be talking about his new novel Man On Fire with Erica Wagner at the Bloomsbury Institute on Wednesday 7th October.


John is an Englishman in crisis. Diagnosed with cancer, and fearing that his days are numbered, he flees to Mumbai to take his last shot at greatness. He is searching for Bibhuti, an amateur record breaker whose story he has stumbled upon by chance, and who specialises in feats of extreme endurance and ill-advised masochism. Bibhuti’s next record attempt – to have fifty baseball bats broken over his body – will set the seal on a career that has seen him rise from poverty to become a minor celebrity in a nation where to stand out from the crowd requires guts, invention and a touch of madness.

Inspired by Bibhuti’s singular pursuit of a life less ordinary, John petitions to be his partner in the attempt. With no other source of funding, and no one else willing to risk his blood on their hands, Bibhuti agrees. The leap of faith they now take together binds them in a friendship that defies reason and reveals to John a spiritual world he has never previously believed in. But is it obsession, exploitation or something deeper that drives them on towards a final act of reckoning? And will either man survive to bear the changes they have burned into each other on their walk through the fire?

For more information and for tickets please click here.

If you’d like to read the book, you can buy a copy online or in your local book shop.

29 Sep 2015