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The Venus Conspiracy

  1. Author: Michael Cordy
  2. Category: Fiction Crime / Thriller / Suspense Commercial
  3. Publisher: Transworld
  4. Length: 489 pages

About The Venus Conspiracy

How can a drug that makes people fall madly in love be a bad thing?

So thinks Professor Bacci when he inadvertently unlocks the biochemical key to falling in love, and develops a drug capable of creating emotions indistinguishable from the real thing. Determined that the world should benefit from his discovery, he seeks funding and business advice from a private Swiss bank, owned by the secretive Kappel family. Unknown to Bacci, however, Helmut Kappel sees love as a sickness to be exploited, and has his own plan for abusing the drug’s power - a cynical nightmare of breathtaking arrogance far removed from Bacci’s naive dream of spreading love around the world.

Ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, THE VENUS CONSPIRACY is a glimpse of a compelling future where even human emotions can be bought and where true love can be faked…

About the Author

Michael Cordy worked for ten years in marketing before giving it all up to write his first novel, THE MIRACLE STRAIN (re-titled as THE MESSIAH CODE), which became an international bestseller and sold in 25 languages. He is also the author of LUCIFER (retitled as THE LUCIFER CODE), TRUE (retitled as THE VENUS CONSPIRACY) and CRIME ZERO (retitled as THE CRIME CODE).

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