The Honours

  1. Author: Tim Clare
  2. Category: Fiction Debut Sci-fi / Fantasy
  3. Publisher: Canongate
  4. Pub date: Spring 2015

About The Honours

It’s 1935 and war is looming. Alderberen Hall is a sprawling country estate shadowed by suspicion and paranoia. Thirteen year old Delphine Venner is determined to uncover the secrets of the elite society that has taken in her mother and unstable father. As she explores the house, and discovers the dark network of hidden tunnels and secret passages that thread the hall and its grounds, she must use all her stubborn resourcefulness to uncover more about the unknown dangers that lurk. With the help of head gamekeeper Henry Garforth, a sawn off shotgun and a satchel full of homemade grenades, Delphine throws herself into a terrifying and deadly mission. She must learn the bloody lessons of war from old soldiers in time to battle the deadly forces that emerge from the black water. Delphine thinks she can tell man from monster but she will discover that, in war, one can become the other in an instant.

About the Author

Tim Clare is a poet and author. As a stand-up poet, he has toured three solo shows internationally, and has performed his work on BBC2, Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. He presented the series HOW TO GET A BOOK DEAL on Channel 4. His non-fiction debut, WE CAN’T ALL BE ASTRONAUTS was published by Ebury and won Best Biography/Memoir at the 2009 East Anglian Book Awards. THE HONOURS is his debut novel.

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