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Life on the Edge Shortlisted for 2015 Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books

Many congratulations indeed to Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe McFadden for making the shortlist of the prestigious Royal Society Winton Prize for the…

Two on the Not the Booker Shortlist

Conville & Walsh are thrilled to announce that two of our authors are on this year’s Not the Booker shorlist: Tasha Kavanagh for…

Seven on the Not the Booker Longlist

Conville & Walsh are delighted to say that seven of our authors feature on this year’s Not the Booker longlist, run by the…

Ticket Offer: Curious Arts Festival

Conville & Walsh are delighted to present a very special ticket offer for the Curious Arts Festival which takes place next weekend, 17th – 19th…

Kirsty Gunn wins the Edge Hill Short Story Prize 2015

Conville & Walsh are delighted to announce that Kirsty Gunn has won the Edge Hill Short Story Prize with her fantastic collection Infidelities.…

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The Writers’ Den… and Getting Your Novel Published

We are delighted to announce that agent and author Clare Conville will be appearing at a number of events this year, hearing pitches and helping people to get their novels on the road to publication.

Clare will be appearing on a panel of industry judges at The Writers’ Den, as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. The event will take place on 20th May, from 12pm to 6pm, at Hendrick’s Horseless Carriage of Curiosities.


Clare will also be running one of the new Guardian masterclasses on Getting Your Novel Published this September. 

Becoming a published novelist remains one of the most alluring dreams for thousands of would-be writers across the UK. And despite the fact that there has, arguably, never been a more competitive time to be a first-time novelist – more books are published than ever before, author advances are in decline and manuscripts sit on slush piles or, worse still, are returned unread – novels continue to be successfully published and dreams continue to come true.

Now, over an intensive weekend, Clare is teaming up with senior editor Francis Bickmore of Canongate Books, to devise a course to equip aspiring novelists with the necessary tools to beat the odds and get their novel published, while encouraging them to learn the techniques for critically assessing their writing before submission.

The course will include sessions on: learning your way around the publishing ecosystem; preparing your script and CV; the dos and don’ts of submitting to agents and editors; what an agent and publisher is looking for in an opening page; how the internet has changed and is changing publishing; tips for making a writing career sustainable; as well as hearing from an established writer. In addition, those attending should expect to participate in practical, workshop-based exercises and be willing to share and critique their own work as well as that of others.

Candid and honest throughout, Clare and Francis will provide their expert insights on the intricacies of the publishing process based on years of hands-on experience of working with writers who have either won or been nominated for nearly every major literary prize.

The course will run on 24-25 September, and will cost £199. Book online or go to the Guardian masterclass website for details on other courses including the Discovering the Novelist Within course with our very own S J Watson.

09 May 2011