we receive thousands of submissions a year so it is impossible for us to answer letters of enquiry individually, but we are one of the few literary agencies which takes a lot of time over its unsolicited manuscripts and champions first time authors. If you would like to send us your book, please follow the guidelines below.

How to submit

We will be happy to answer any questions that you have by phone or email. Please don’t write to more than one of us. If we think a book is promising, we’ll make sure it gets to the person most likely to want to represent it.

Please send submissions either to (in Word .doc format), or by post to:

[Agent] / Submissions
Conville & Walsh Ltd, Haymarket House
28 Haymarket

That way, your material will arrive safely with our reader and won’t get lost on a pile of separate correspondence. Please read our profiles and address your submission for the attention of the agent you think would best fit your book. Submissions to the directors should be addressed to their assistants in the first instance.

Clare Conville
Patrick Walsh

Senior Agent
Sue Armstrong

Alex Christofi
Carrie Kania
Sophie Lambert

Junior Agents
Alexander Cochran
Carrie Plitt

Click here for advice from our reader, David Llewelyn

What not to submit

We don’t represent poetry or dramatic works (this means film, television, radio or theatre). However, if we want to work on a book with you, we will represent all rights, including dramatic, for that book.


When submitting fiction, please email or post the first three chapters (or about 50 pages) and a synopsis. The synopsis shouldn’t be a blurb or a cover-style ‘teaser’, but a simplified explanation of the plot in one or two sides, listing the theme, setting and characters of your book, from the first to final chapter.

Children’s books

Conville & Walsh has a thriving children’s book list. We are proud to represent John Burningham, PJ Lynch, Eire’s Children’s Laureate Niamh Sharkey, Katie Davies, Nicky Singer and many others. We look for keen story-telling and wonderful writing. If you’re interested in submitting us a children’s or YA project please send us the first three three chapters or first fifty pages, and a synopsis of the work.


Most non-fiction books are sold on proposal, so you don’t need to have written the book already. A thirty page proposal should include:

  • What the book is about and why it needs to be written and published now.
  • Who you are and your credentials for writing the book (in the third person, which allows for trumpet blowing).
  • Where the book would sit on the shelves, including similar or competing books that have already been published.
  • A chapter of sample text (usually taken from an early part of the book, but not the introduction).
  • An outline of chapters (a page per chapter, written in full prose).

  • Covering letter

    For both fiction and non-fiction please also include a covering letter giving an account of the background of the book and an account of your career to date. If you have been referred to an agent by a trade or personal contact let us know in your letter. Do also say if you have been in correspondence with one of our agents before, and mention if your project has been seen or is being seen by any other agents or publishers.


    Please make sure that your material is typeset so as to be clearly legible. For hard copy, we prefer unbound A4 pages no smaller than 12-point font, 1.5 or double-line-spaced and printed on one side of the paper. Pages should be numbered, unless you are writing an homage to The Unfortunates by B S Johnson. Please remember to print your name and a contact number or email address on the cover of your manuscript.

    Receipt and return

    Your postal submission will be returned if it is accompanied by return postage (preferably on a stamped, self-addressed envelope) - otherwise, we’ll recycle your material. Please don’t post us cash, international postage coupons or blank cheques. Actually, don’t post anyone blank cheques.

    We get a lot of submissions each week, so we can’t acknowledge receipt. We do read them as fast as we can and respond as soon as we have read them.


    We do read every submission made to us, but have to give priority to the many authors we already represent. We try to read and respond within a couple of weeks, but may take as long as five in busy periods. Given the time it takes us to get to new submissions, we do encourage you to contact other agencies at the same time.

    Loss or damage

    Please keep a copy of anything you submit to us, and don’t send us original artwork. We can’t be held responsible for the loss of or damage to any typescripts, artwork or electronic media submitted to us, either in the post or during the reading process.

    We look forward to reading your submission