we receive many requests for permission to reproduce extracts from our authors’ work so it would speed things up if you could supply us with the following, and the relevant agent (or their assistant) will respond to your request.

We respond to permission requests as quickly as we can but we may not be able to give you an immediate response. If you have a deadline to meet, please make sure you apply in good time.

What fees can you expect for prose extracts?

The fees we charge are based on a standard scale approved by the Society of Authors. It will vary depending on the length of the piece, the territory in which you wish to publish and the size of your print run. Payment should be made on publication of the work in which the extract appears.

Fair dealing

Limited extracts can be used free of charge provided that you have our permission and that proper acknowledgement is given if the extract is to appear in a work of criticism. Biographies do not generally fall into this category, and fair dealing does not apply to anthologies, musical settings or unpublished works.

For prose you can reproduce a single extract of up to 400 words or series of extracts, none exceeding 300 words, totalling 800 words.

Non-print media

The above notes don’t apply to permission to reproduce extracts in any way other than reprinting. This includes recording audio extracts, broadcasting extracts on television or radio, incorporating extracts in videos and films or quoting extracts electronically, via the internet. You should apply to the appropriate agent for these rights.


The author and jacket images posted on this site are subject to copyright laws, and permission must therefore be sought for any reproduction. Under no circumstances should photographic material be used without prior consent from the copyright owner (usually the photographer or publisher).