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Hugh Warwick

  1. Titles: A Prickly Affair, Beauty in the Beast
  2. Agent: Patrick Walsh

About Hugh Warwick

Hugh Warwick is an environmental writer and photographer. His work ranges from freelancing across the print spectrum, from BBC Wildlife and New Scientist to the Daily Telegraph – for whom he was unofficially hedgehog correspondent for a while – to radio documentaries for BBC Radio 4 and appearing as the ‘Eco-Worrier’ on Fred McAuley’s Radio Scotland show. He was also the field producer on Robert Greenwald’s film ‘Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price’. In addition, Hugh has studied hedgehogs, off and on, for over 20 years, and has most recently been responsible for stopping the great hedgehog massacre of Uist in the Outer Hebrides. He’s also spent months radio-tracking them around the West Country; searching the shingle beaches of Dungeness for their paw-prints in vain; and living under canvas when monitoring them on Ronaldsay and Uist.

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