Susan Armstrong

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Being an agent allows me to do what I love best: discovering new and original voices, and helping debut writers launch their careers. What I look for in the writers I represent is strong prose, great storytelling, vivid characters and a true originality of vision. I love to see literary fiction, book group/upmarket commercial women’s fiction, crime, psychological thrillers and suspense. I’m also keen to see high-quality magical realism and speculative fiction.

I enjoy novels that blend genres, are unusual in setting or circumstance, have unexpected twists, have a little darkness, pull at the heart-strings, and/or contain some sort of moral dilemma. Ultimately a cracking story is what I want to read and though I’m open to submissions from anyone anywhere, I am particularly keen to hear from British, Australian and Irish writers.

I don’t represent picture books or children’s fiction (and at the moment I’m not taking on any YA) and if you’re writing genre science-fiction or fantasy I’d suggest submitting to Alexander Cochran.

In terms of non-fiction, I enjoy memoirs with a unique edge and have a particular interest in astronomy.

So that’s the writing, but what about the writer? There are no prerequisites except that I’m always looking for authors who want a long-term career and in return I will do everything to help shape, edit – and sell – their books along with offering support and guidance.

If you’d like to send me your work then please email the first three chapters with a synopsis direct to me and I’ll very much look forward to reading. 


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