Patrick Walsh

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Born and brought up in Venezuela, Patrick Walsh studied law at Cambridge University and entered publishing through a junior position at Watson Little. He then moved to the Christopher Little Agency and built up his own client list at the same time as that agency expanded exponentially with the JK Rowling phenomenon. In 2000, he then left to co-found Conville & Walsh Ltd and quickly made a name for himself by establishing a list of bestselling and award-winning authors.

His non-fiction list of clients includes scientists, historians, biographers and leading writers on an extensive range of subjects that reflects his diverse interests – from physics to fatherhood; clouds to computer hacking; Romans to the Renaissance – with authors ranging from scientists such as Professor Jim-al Khalili and Simon Singh to historians such as Helen Castor and Tom Holland, the Chairman of The Society of Authors and memoirs such as Benjamin Mee’s WE BOUGHT A ZOO, which has just been filmed by Cameron Crowe with Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, and Dame Daphne Sheldrick’s AN AFRICAN LOVE STORY.

Walsh also represents a wide variety of novelists, ranging from Nick Harkaway to debut literary novels such as Howard Cunnell’s THE SEA ON FIRE appearing from Picador in 2012 and Saira Shah’s THE MOUSE-PROOF KITCHEN from Harvill Secker in 2013 along with crime and thrillers by Howard Marks and Adam Creed. On the personal front, he has a life-long interest in conservation.

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